About us........

Daniel Kiff

Managing Director

& Photographer

Sarah Kiff


& Designer

At primary school I was given a pinhole camera. I went outside and took a picture.  In a makeshift darkroom at the back of the class, I developed the photograph.  Watching this fuzzy image appear in a tray of chemicals, sparked my love of photography.

I love to travel and my adventures have taken me and my camera around the world.  Safari honeymoon in Kenya, charity rally in an old banger to Gambia, walking the great wall in China, and many more.


I am now a full time photographer.    Shooting with Professional Nikon DSLR cameras. I have specialised in property and commercial photography.


I still try and shoot personal projects on film, and 30 years after I first shot and developed my first picture.   I can still be found in my own darkroom, getting  the same buzz as all those years ago.

From a young age I loved to shoot hundreds of blurred "arty" photographs and look forward to seeing them once they were developed.

Now my photography skills have improved  and I have been running Kiff Photography with Daniel for nearly 15 years of our 22 year relationship .

As well as photography, I am also a nursing sister and spend my evenings and nights working with a wonderful team.

I also love travel, and have spent many happy trips with Daniel, making memories.  Now we have 3 delightful children and they also like to pick up the cameras and have a go.